Trina Solar

Trina is a well respected brand in solar panel manufacturing. They produce quality panels that are installed around the world. Trina Solar basically offers the highest quality products to their customers. They are unique and ideal for large set ups. The panels are also credited for withstanding the climatic changes. The products are considered to be reliable and strong.


The return on your solar system depends on the efficiency and quality of your components such as your solar panels. This is a good reason to trust in the technology of Hanwha Q CELLS. They rely on German engineering, intensive research and strict quality control for all their solar products. Q Cell solar panel works with unique technology and thereby yields high efficiency of the modules and decreases the costs of BOS. Such panels are designed for enduring all sorts of the weather changes.


Is well recognized global brand in the solar PV industry with production operations around the world. JinkoSolar offers quality panels utilized in large scale plants and commercial installations. The solar panels show outstanding performance even in weak situations due to their striking coefficients.

LG NeON™ 2

Produces high qualitysolar panels. LG Neon is the known brand which has black module developed with the n type cells. It reveals the aesthetic appearance and even high power outputs