Is a global inverter manufacturer. ABB solar inverters utilize over 40 years of experience and advances made in inverter and power converter technology that have contributed to ABB becoming one of the world leaders in frequency converters. ABB have a reputation for reliability and great customer support.


Is a globalmanufacturer of inverters which is used in residential and commercial solar PV systems Australia-wide. Goodwe industrial design is derived from German standards and the company has won numerous awards. Inverters in GoodWe’s SS series have received an ‘A’ rating under the Photon Magazine’s product testing regime in 2012 and 2013 for their performance in medium and high solar irradiation conditions.


SMA solar inverters are the industry standard for the global solar PV industry. The SMA catalogue boasts a range of inverters for all applications: small-scale, residential, commercial, and utility. The company has a sterling reputation for producing reasonably-priced but high-quality products, and for its dedication to excellence in customer service. based out of Germany, with a presence in 19 countries across 4 continents and over 5,000 employees world-wide, SMA plans to maintain its position as the world’s largest manufacturer of solar inverters for the foreseeable future, making its products a smart investment for any home or business.


This company that is based in China produces inverters that are highly efficient. These inverters have built-in Wi-Fi and remote monitoring. The customers can select one among the languages- English, Italian, Chinese and German. Any updates or issues in the system are mailed directly to the supplier from the system.